How We Excel as through Demolition, Plant Hire & Groundworks in Tonbridge | Kent Groundwork & Demolition Ltd

Demolition Company – Fail to do your research and you may find yourself saddled with a demolition company that is all too gung-ho; they’ll turn up on the day with little idea of what’s in order, and may rush ahead without properly appraising the site. While this might be fine for very small tasks such as taking down a tiny outbuilding, discerning clients around Tonbridge will see the value in our approach. We launch detailed site surveys to ensure no hazard causes the delay or total interruption of a demolition, and use quality machinery, tools and protective equipment to minimise the chance of anything going wrong in even the most elaborate and technical of demolitions.

Groundworks Company – Get it wrong with groundworks and the entirety of a development is suddenly plunged into question. Will foundations sink and collapse after only a few months or years? These questions can be totally brushed aside when you choose a reputable provider for a Tonbridge project, such as Kent Groundwork and Demolition Ltd. Having worked with some of the biggest names around, we have over three decades experience providing superior, safety compliant groundworks which will never let you down.

Plant Hire Providers – The way we distinguish ourselves from competing plant hire providers in the Tonbridge area is by maintaining an impressive fleet of not just excavators, dumpers and rollers, but teletrucks, handlers, forklifts, fuel and water storage vehicles, loaders and compressors. In short, we have more plant hire options than the average company. Furthermore, our plant hire terms are incredibly flexible and our rates distinctly competitive. Our friendly team are always willing to provide advice before and during plant hire terms, so you get the right equipment for the job and feel confident in tackling a project.

Crushed Concrete Suppliers – One of the services we provide is concrete crushing, which sees us use powerful plant hire machinery to turn often un-transportable, heavy slabs of concrete into much more manageable sizes. And rather than dispose of this concrete, we process and grade it so it can head onto secondary use, usually as an aggregate for filling sub-bases. By handling concrete crushing and serving as crushed concrete suppliers for the Tonbridge area, we ensure you can get quality, properly-graded aggregates with green credentials. The ways we look to distinguish ourselves from competitors include speedy, same-day delivery and competitive prices you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Topsoil Suppliers – The traits that make for reliable crushed concrete suppliers, also make for reliable and reputable topsoil suppliers. You need carefully processed products which will be suited to their end use. That’s why we have far more than just one “generic” product – choose from certified topsoil, screened topsoil and natural “as-dug” topsoil, depending on your budget and what you’re using it for.

Why settle for second best? For demolition, groundworks and plant hire in Tonbridge, contact Kent Groundwork and Demolition Ltd on 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728.