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With over three decades experience serving as the go-to concrete crushing, groundworks and demolition company for Dover, and as its favoured topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers, we’ve heard our fair share of both success and horror stories… Below, we’ve run over a few dos and don’ts to help you write plenty of the former, and avoid the latter.

A Few Core Dos & Don’t

Do think carefully about purchasing plant. Not only is the initial cost often pretty steep, but sometimes the associated costs of upkeep and storage can make it far more cost effective to opt for plant hire instead of outright purchase; especially if you’re not going to be using that plant on a daily basis. A Dover plant hire firm, such as our own, can give you easy, flexible access to well-maintained modern plant to help expedite groundworks projects and improve margins.

Don’t get the wrong aggregate. Particular aggregates are suitable for particular jobs. Just as picking the wrong tool for the job can land you in hot water, so can picking the wrong material. Suddenly, sub-bases can’t put up with the strain and load they’re supposed to withstand, for example. As crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers for the Dover area, we can not only ensure you get the right materials for the task at hand, but make sure you get them at the right price.

Do consider the needs of a project ahead of time. Otherwise, you may be forced to stall work while you figure out, for example, how to manage a previously unforeseen degree of waste. Having taken the time to draw up an in-depth plan ahead of time, you might have been able to call in a concrete crushing firm like our own in Dover, to continue on the previous example, or to use our plant hire solutions to get a hold of something that could effectively transport waste around site.

Don’t choose unproven firms for either work or materials. Choose an amateur, fly-by-night concrete crushing, groundworks or demolition company and you may see basic safety measures flouted, and work performed to a dangerous sub-standard. Choose a similar option amongst available crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers, and you may find the materials aren’t up to scratch, arrive late or are ridiculously overpriced. Check a company’s credentials, history and testimonials to ensure you find the right partner – like Dover’s Kent Groundwork & Demolition Ltd.

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