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Kent Groundwork and Demolition Ltd maintains an extensive range of plant hire equipment, and makes use of said plant when providing groundworks and concrete crushing services, and also while serving as the Dartford area’s first choice crushed concrete suppliers, top soil suppliers and demolition company. Here’s a little more info on some of the most commonly employed plant we make available to clients…

A Few Popular Plant Hire Options

Excavators – Perhaps the most versatile bit of kit available via plant hire, excavators are ideal for all sorts of projects – including a huge proportion of the types of job taken on by a groundworks or demolition company operating in Dartford; hence why so many choose us as partners. Excavators have diggers/shovels with 360 degree rotational coverage that can make short work of trenching, material transportation, and digging foundations. We have different sized excavators available to ensure you can find something that will be able to manoeuvre around your site with ease.

Dumpers – Similar to excavators in their configuration, there’s one very key difference between the two – excavators usually participate in shifting soil/digging up soil for groundworks, whereas dumpers are built to simply shift large loads of materials around a site; this is why our top soil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers often employ them. They’re better cut out for this sort of work due to the hefty skip that sits at the front of their cabins. This makes them ideal for muckaway once a groundworks or demolition company has finished up work on a Dartford project, or needs to clean up between phases.

Rollers – Looking to compact a surface? This plant hire solution lets you quickly create a dense surface with improved loadbearing characteristics. Some Dartford clients handling groundworks on their own behalf find the fact we offer plant hire, and serve as crushed concrete suppliers / top soil suppliers convenient, as said materials will oftentimes need to be compacted before further development activity can take place.

Concrete Crushing – Mobile concrete crushing machines are an impressive site to behold, often employed by a demolition company to ensure rubble is transportable. They can also take large, unwieldy, and essentially useless waste material and turn it into a versatile aggregate.

Now, it’s important to realise that different types of concrete, processed in different ways, are suitable for particular tasks; in fact, they need to meet standards contained in the Building Regulations pertaining to what’s at hand. This is why different forms of concrete aggregate are graded – as you’ll see over on our dedicated Crushed Concrete Suppliers page.

So if you’re in the Dartford area gearing up for a particular aspect of groundworks that requires a set grade aggregate, it may be best simply purchasing it to ensure you don’t run into any difficulties. Handling your own concrete crushing with a view to storing materials, sorting and processing them for future endeavours, however, can be a fine idea!

For plant hire, or to learn about other services offered by our groundworks and demolition company, call 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728 today.