Reasons to Choose Our Groundworks Specialists and Topsoil Suppliers in Sittingbourne | Kent Groundwork & Demolition Ltd

Domestic, commercial and industrial clients choosing Sittingbourne based Kent Groundwork & Demolition receive a complete service package. Whatever the type of project you need us on-board for, we at all times prioritise the customer experience – we’re always in pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction. This philosophy informs every aspect of our work, from initial surveys, advice and planning, to outstanding workmanship on the job itself, and effective project management which ensures we complete on time and within budget. Our services synergise well, as a demolition company, groundworks specialists, topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers. Capping it all off, we offer a complete range of competitively costed plant hire options.

Despite the breadth of our service range, we never compromise on quality; we’re not a “Jack of all trades, master of none style company”. If we can’t offer the Gold standard for something, we don’t offer it, so clients can rest easy that we offer a superior service with everything we do.

Dedicated to remarkable end results and happy clients, we’re pleased that a good portion of our business are returning clients. Below, we’ve looked to run over a few of the most common cited reasons that Sittingbourne residents, traders, companies and public bodies decide to select us as their demolition company, groundworks specialist, topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers of choice.

Why Our Clients Choose Us


Using unproven companies on safety-critical projects involving groundworks and demolition is a major risk that most can’t afford to take. Both private individuals and construction companies prefer the peace of mind that comes with enlisting a demolition company and groundworks specialists that has a proven track record for lasting results.

Kent Groundwork & Demolition boasts over three decades of combined trade experience. This has furnished our team with a depth of knowledge that shows up in our quality of workmanship, and our ability to tailor any service to suit any client; additionally, whether you’re located in Sittingbourne or elsewhere in Kent, you’ll benefit from the highest safety standards.


While our work to a large part speaks for itself, we’re also accredited by the:

  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • SMAS (Worksafe Contractor)
  • SSIP
  • SSIP

Sittingbourne clients can thus rest assured that we have been scrutinised and assessed by trusted, external industry experts. When it comes to finding the right groundworks specialists, plant hire or a demolition company, we make the decision easier by ticking all the right boxes.

Topsoil Suppliers & Crushed Concrete Suppliers

Kent Groundwork & Demolition go to great lengths to ensure the services we provide are ecologically sound. We look to minimise our negative impact on the environment through reclaiming, reusing and recycling as much waste material as possible. This also enables us to operate as crushed concrete suppliers for the Sittingbourne area. By collecting, processing and grading quality concrete aggregates, we find a further way to assist clients throughout Kent.

Additionally, we function as topsoil suppliers, providing premium-quality materials to suit all applications in the Sittingbourne area. Our selection of topsoils include fully certified and ‘as-dug’.

Competitively Costed, Flexible Term Plant Hire

When we first started out, we were exclusively a JCB and plant hire firm, and we’ve retained that aspect of our business while expanding into other areas such as groundworks and demolition. This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of plant hire solutions to meet the requirements of any domestic, commercial or industrial project in Sittingbourne or its surrounds. For a more detailed explanation of how plant hire can help you, visit its dedicated page on this website.

Searching for a demolition company, groundwork specialists, plant hire services, topsoil or crushed concrete? Contact our Sittingbourne office on 01795 477 184 or call 07860 500 728.