From Groundworks to Plant Hire in Maidstone | Choosing the Right Company

At Kent Groundwork & Demolition Ltd, we provide locally trusted services for groundwork, demolition and plant hire. In addition, we also operate as topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers. With more than 30 years of experience spread throughout these various trades, we understand the importance of choosing the right company from the outset of your project. Work of this kind involves a considerable amount of unseen planning and organisation in addition to the physical service itself, so it’s always best to leave it in the hands of time-served professionals.


If you’re considering options for a groundworks, plant hire or demolition company in the Maidstone area, we have outlined below some of the important factors involved in making the right choice. It should be noted that we apply the same exacting standards to our work as topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Specialists

Demolition Company


When it comes to demolition work, safety remains of paramount importance. As such, one of the key aspects of choosing a demolition company is a proven safety record backed up by the required qualifications. Ask your prospective demolition company how they and their machinery comply with current safety standards. It’s essential to know how they intend to safely bring down a structure while protecting themselves, the general public and any surrounding property. In addition, customers should consider factors such as insurance, references, quotations and projected timescales for work.


For those looking for crushed concrete suppliers in Maidstone, Kent Groundwork & Demolition recycles materials from our safety-conscious demolition work to reuse on other projects.


Groundworks Company


Groundworks come in an array of forms, so the most important part of choosing a specialist in this field remains ensuring they actually undertake your required service. What’s more, check how much experience they have in those particular groundworks and ask to see examples of such work in a portfolio.


For larger groundworks projects, ask whether the team will consist entirely of in-house personnel or whether sub-contractors will be hired. In both respects, but especially the latter, seek a guarantee that all workers on your site in Maidstone hold the required qualifications. Furthermore, be mindful of how they communicate from the outset, as this reflects on how they pass on information and communicate during the groundworks themselves.


Plant Hire


Plant hire plays a pivotal role in the timely completion of projects. As such, request information pertaining to the age and maintenance of the available trucks and machinery. Naturally, older equipment runs a greater risk of developing issues which could lead to delays and disruption. On the other hand, older, yet well-maintained, trucks and machinery often provide a more cost-effective solution for tighter budgets.


Of equal importance, ask your plant hire company about their service response. Do they provide 24/7 support? How do they react to and manage a breakdown? It goes without saying, if your plant hire develops problems, you don’t want to be left with minimal support.


Adherence to Health & Safety also remains imperative. Ensure your plant hire company carries out regular, thorough maintenance checks on their equipment and machinery, from ‘Red Spot’ systems to rough terrain tyres.


Here at Kent Groundwork & Demolition, we pride ourselves on the superior nature of our services. From safety to workmanship, we always aim to exceed to expectations. This dedication to excellence has made us the go-to groundworks, plant hire and demolition company, as well as crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers, in the Maidstone area.

To talk over options for any of our services on your Maidstone-based project, call 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728.

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