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Due to the constant loud noises, heavy-duty machinery and potentially dangerous equipment, construction and demolition sites hold certain inherent risks. Like any reputable groundworks, plant hire or demolition company, Kent Groundwork & Demolition fully complies with all current Health & Safety legislation pertaining to our work. By managing risks and hazards, we greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents that may harm our personnel, the public or impact on any surrounding property in the Gravesend area. This adherence to safety also extends to our work as crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers, be it loading, transportation or delivery.


Below, we have outlined some of the guidelines we follow to ensure safety across our full range of services, excluding those we perform as crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers.

Ensuring Full Compliance

Groundworks Specialists


The full range of legislation pertaining to groundworks is too far-reaching to cover here, so we have highlighted some of the cornerstones to we follow to safeguard our sites.


  • Risk Assessments – A thorough risk assessment of each site in Gravesend and the surrounding areas allows us to identify hazards and the amount of risk they pose. By calculating the chances (low to high) that the risk presents to people, we can take any required action in advance of the groundworks project getting underway
  • Common Health & Safety Issues – Most importantly, we ensure that our groundworks team have complete understanding of the safety procedures drawn up for their project. We also inspect the equipment and machinery to be used as well as guaranteeing first aid cover for all activities. We record any ‘near misses’ for evaluation and secure insurance before the project begins


If you require a perfect finishing touch after your groundworks, we provide a service as topsoil suppliers. From certified to ‘as dug’, we have a full range of topsoils to meet any requirement.


Demolition Company


Demolition projects pose a unique risk. Not only must we bring a structure down, we must do so in a controlled and safe manner. It goes without saying that falling objects represent a significant risk to health. As such, we operate with a zero-harm ethos: any person involved in our service as a demolition company should not be harmed by the work we perform.


While this includes risk assessments and safe practices on site in Gravesend, it starts well beforehand in the form of superior levels of training for our already experienced and competent staff. This ensures the identification of any hazards, safe behaviour, public protection and ongoing improvement with every project.


Our demolition services have strong ties to those we carry out as crushed concrete suppliers. We secure as much waste material from these sites as possible for use in new construction projects.


Plant Hire


Before we even deliver plant hire options to our clients in Gravesend, we perform all required tests, maintenance and servicing for every item in our fleet. What’s more, our staff receive meticulous training on a regular basis in line with current initiatives designed to enhance safety within the construction industry. Naturally, in turn, this reduces the number of on-site accidents.


While risk assessments highlight the individual hazard on each particular site, we also promote the following of these vital rules:


  1. Be aware of all potential risks before starting work.
  2. If work cannot be completed safely, stop.
  3. If other’s actions look unsafe, intervene if safe to do so.
  4. Maintain a clean, tidy and safe working environment.
  5. Always wear the required PPE for the task at hand.


Whether you hire us for any of the above listed services, or for our work as crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers, you can rest assured that safety always remains our number one priority.

From groundworks to demolition, we cover every requirement in the Gravesend area. Call 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728 to discuss your options.

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