Demolition, Groundworks & Plant Hire in Folkestone | Common Problems We Encounter

Like any reputable plant hire, groundworks and demolition company, we take every measure possible to minimise the risks present on our sites in Folkestone and the surrounding areas. A key component in this process is carrying out extensive risk assessments ahead of the project itself to ensure a smooth progression through the programme of works. Whether during this process or as an arising unforeseen problem afterwards, we have the experience and expertise to handle any issue. This also includes our safety-conscious approach to deliveries as crushed concrete suppliers and topsoil suppliers.


To offer an insight into the way we approach our work, we have listed below some of the most common problems that effect certain aspects of our business.


If you require a locally trusted plant hire, groundworks and demolition company, or topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers, in the Folkestone area, please contact us.

Overcoming Any Problems

Demolition Company


It should be noted that, as a time-served demolition company, we have the depth of knowledge required to implement a Health & Safety management programme that significantly reduces the hazards associated with such work.


Nevertheless, the risks involved in demolition work come from:


  • Falling Materials
  • Falls from Height
  • Connected Services
  • Uncontrolled Collapse
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Traffic Management
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Worker Involvement
  • Fire


We pride ourselves on the reputation we hold as a safe demolition company, so we conduct a systematic approach to projects, ensuring optimal safety in every respect.


Plant Hire


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common issues that affect plant hire options involve safety and ongoing performance. The roots of Kent Groundwork & Demolition stretch back to our time as a specialist JCB and plant hire business, so we have extensive experience in maintaining our machinery to industry standards. Not only does this reduce the risk of breakdown, it also ensures the best possible performance and the operation of features essential to safety.


Another issue, albeit one entirely out of our hands, is the potential delay in transportation of plant hire options to sites in Folkestone. This most commonly comes in the form of unexpected traffic. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about this. We take every precaution we can to avoid such incidents, like avoiding the rush hour, but in the case of road traffic accidents, this remains somewhat unavoidable.


As a genuinely local company, we know the Kent area well, so we try to utilise quieter roads where possible. Due to our delivery operations as topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers, we make the vast majority of our deliveries on time and within budget.




The key to successful groundworks lays in project management. Experienced companies like Kent Groundwork & Demolition have decades of experience in bringing projects to completion on time and within budget. Without this kind of leadership, groundworks, and construction jobs in general, have the potential to go off the rails.


Some of the most common issues that we eliminate from groundworks projects in Folkestone and beyond include:


  • Lack of a Solid Plan
  • Poorly Defined Roles
  • Lack of Responsibility
  • Poor Communication
  • Overrunning Costs
  • Unrealistic Schedules
  • Insufficient Resources
  • Stakeholder Conflict


As groundworks specialists, we integrate contingency plans into our preliminary work to ensure complete control in any circumstances.


Whether you hire us as a plant hire, groundworks or demolition company, or as topsoil suppliers or crushed concrete suppliers, we provide the highest levels of management, efficiency and safety to deliver results on agree upon dates.

For more information regarding the services we provide as a groundworks, plant hire and demolition company in Folkestone, call 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728.

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