Topsoil Suppliers & Crushed Concrete Suppliers in Dover | Understanding Our Products

While we have a reputation as a time-served plant hire, groundworks and demolition company, Kent Groundwork & Demolition Ltd also operates as reliable topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers. These materials play an essential role in a wide range of projects, be it as a cost-effective sub-base or as part of an ideal finishing touch. Whether in Dover or any of the surrounding areas, we work in close conjunction with our domestic, commercial and industrial clients to ensure prompt delivery of their chosen goods.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience working on construction and demolition sites, so we recognise the importance of the tight schedules and deadlines to the overall success of a project. As such, we take every measure possible to deliver our topsoil and crushed concrete on time, thus eliminating the chances of delays and disruption.


Below, we have provided a brief introduction to what our clients in Dover can expect from Kent Groundwork & Demolition as their topsoil suppliers and crushed concrete suppliers. To schedule an initial consultation for these services, or any others we provide as a plant hire, groundworks and demolition company, please contact us.


Topsoil Suppliers | What We Provide


Whether for a residential garden, a golf course or a building development project, we deliver reasonably priced topsoil to sites of any kind. We offer both ‘as dug’ and certified screened varieties, covering every requirement.


As the name suggests, the ‘as dug’ option arrives with our customers in the manner it was dug up; namely, completely natural. We source this topsoil from premium-quality producers, so even though it doesn’t undergo any screening, it isn’t as wild as the name suggests. However, the chances of various seedlings or other debris being present in the soil remains.


Screened topsoils have undergone a process designed to remove foreign objects. This leaves behind a fine, friable product free of debris and stones, and one that can be easily worked. In addition, screened topsoils have high microbial activity and impressive nutrient content, making them ideal for good establishment of grass and plants.


For more information about our services as topsoil suppliers, please visit the topsoil page.


Crushed Concrete Suppliers | What We Provide


As a plant hire, groundworks and demolition company with an environmentally-friendly outlook, making the step to become crushed concrete suppliers seemed a natural fit. Demolition sites contain a significant amount of waste concrete, all of which has no real use in its current state. We reclaim these blocks of material, and put them through a crusher which, in turn, crushes and mills them to create a brand-new construction product.


Crushed concrete comes in grades of varying coarseness to suit different requirements, but our clients predominantly use it as a sub-base material, or pair it with virgin materials for reuse as an aggregate in fresh concrete.


As an added benefit, recycling concrete saves materials from going straight to the landfill. With the costs of disposing of concrete in this way continuing to rise, and with ever tightening regulations too, choosing to support the recycling of concrete not only saves money, but additional headaches and the environment too.


For more details about our services as crushed concrete suppliers in the Dover area, please visit the crushed concrete page.

If you need the services of an experienced plant hire, groundworks and demolition company in Dover, call 01795 477 184 or 07860 500 728.

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